Know Someone Awesome?

We welcome referrals and in fact encourage it. If you know someone who needs to find quality work but has no means to register online or are simply struggling to put up their skills for others to find them, please introduce them to our site or reach out to us. 

Who can be referred as a service provider? 

Mostly domestic workers. One of our motives has been helping low-income communities who are often constrained to finding quality work due to language or technology barriers. If you know someone or he/she works for you as domestic worker (maids, cooks, cleaners, guards etc) refer them to us so that we can help them find useful work.

How do I refer?

You can do one of the following:

  1. Act as a mediator or their point of contact: You can create a account behalf of them and share the information.
  2. Help them Register : You can show them our site and give specific instructions on how to sign up with us.
  3. Reach out to us: Perhaps, the most easiest, fastest and painless approach would be to reach out to us directly. Share their details and will be able to connect them to the clients. 

Do I get paid?

Yes you do! Upto INR 500. When your service provider is hired by one of our clients you get paid. 

Referral Form